Changing Lives Through Horses


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Higher Trails Equine is pleased to offer a variety of services. 

All sessions include time with horses.  Horses have been used to bring about change in many areas:  those battling disease, families struggling with relationships, individuals overcoming addictions, those handling PTSD, facing unfounded anxiety, those with autism or Asperger’s  and others just unable to cope with day to day life.

Why horses?

They have traits that encourage us to be open, ready to discover more about ourselves, and face the future with a sense of purpose.   Horses do not lie.  There is nothing artificial about a horse.  They don’t care who is looking at them, or what the person thinks about them. Horses make no judgments.  They value and accept each person as they are.  Horses listen when you speak.  They will look at you and, regardless of your fears, accept you for who you are. 

Individual Coaching Sessions:

One-on-one time with an Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach. The role of the EAPD Coach is to help others to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims and to manage life change and personal challenges.  Each session will involve some discussion time, horse/human interaction and debriefing.  Each week with the horses help, new discoveries will be made, exciting opportunities realized and steps taken toward a goal.  Sessions are usually once a week lasting for 6 to 8 week.

 Family or Small Group Sessions

An  EAPD Coach will work with a family, extended family, friends, or small organizations where a third party can provide the vehicle to bring about understanding and unity. Sessions can be targeted to rebuilding families, improving communication, strengthening marriages, dealing with children with as-risk behavior, understanding the dynamics of extended families, or help families deal with divorce, loss of family members, or critical illness. The horses are part of every session, and often become the vehicle that opens up dialogue. Each session will identify a particular area that needs addressing, and steps to finding solutions. Sessions are usually once a week lasting for 6 to 8 week.
Corporate Sessions:

Equine Assisted Corporate Development  EACD Facilitators work with companies, agencies, organizations or government departments to determine what type of session would meet their needs.  A single day session can be geared to the needs of the client, i.e. mergers, downsizing, team building, communication, etc.  It can also be a fun Staff Day without any preconceived agenda.  Depending on the size of the group, the sessions may have everyone interacting with the horses, some interacting and some watching, or a demonstration with the horses that show how horse behavior mirrors that of those in the workplace.

To learn more contact us at 403-874-6284.  We will be glad to answer your questions.