Changing Lives Through Horses

EAL (Equine Assisted Learning)

Equine Assisted Learning is exactly as the title says.  It is Learning that takes place while working with an Equine (horse), who along with a coach or facilitator, who Assists a client to make changes in their lives.   Working with the horse, the client discovers ways to overcome obstacles, identify strengths, find new ways to handle disappointments and then start moving to a better place in their life.

Introduction to EAL Day

The day begins with a meet and greet time. Over refreshments, share their interest in EAL and what they hope to discover during the day.

There is a discussion about what is EAL, why horses, and understanding the horse's role in EAL

Following lunch which is provided by the host, there is an opportunity to do hands on work with horses. See how horses interact with other horses and how that can apply to human behaviour. There will be demonstrations with the horses and individuals allowing participants to witness the equine/human interaction.

Those who chose to register for an Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach Course within the same year,  will have the cost of the Introduction to EAL subtracted from the EAPD Coach Course cost.

​Cost: $126 including GST - includes lunch and refreshments

Next Course August 19, 2017


Introduction to

Equine Assisted Learning

Curious about the EAPD Coach Training?  Just want to learn a little bit more about horses (and yourself?)  Join us for a one-day introduction to EAL program and see if this is for you!