Looking for Equine Assisted Learning Courses?

EAL Canada has their 2019 Calendar available.

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Our Services

Horses have proven to make a difference in the lives of the people they touch. Equine Assisted Learning,  Development or Therapy are a few of the names given to the work that is being done in this field. Higher Trails is pleased to offer individual, family and group sessions where humans can work with the horses in a therapeutic setting.  Want to know more, give us a call at 403-931-1807 or 403-874-6284

And The Building Continues

Changing Lives Through Horses

Our Horses

The Bareback Challenge

December 21 saw the beginning of our bareback challenge.  It goes until March 21 - All the winter season.  ​Nothing better in the cold weather than a warm horse.  Our riders are taking the challenge seriously.  The Challenges are posted and as a rider completes the challenge is recorded!  People are taking it seriously!  Mounting from a stump in the bush, riding hills, and riding a horse other than their own.


Planning a Visit

We would love to have you come and visit us at Higher Trails.

Just contact us by phone 587-481-6284; 403-874-6284 or send us a message through our contact page. 

​We will arrange a time to give you a tour.

As we head into March, and experience the coldest night yet -42C, we are looking forward to Spring and Daylight Savings time.

We have added a viewing area to the end of our Quonset, and will close off the top part, add a door and be ready for the rainy season.

Some of the Higher Trails horses come from a rescue, rehabilitation or retraining background.  We are so blessed by each and every equine ​that is in our lives. Our horses love the opportunity to interact with humans and all find a way to touch our hearts.

Our Membership

When a horse is recovered and trained, we make them available for a new member.  Each horse has their own 'people' - a member who rides, trains, and loves.  No experience is necessary - just a desire to have your 'own' horse, have LOTS of fun, hang out with other horse crazy people and go home smelling like the barn every time you come out.  Come out and meet the herd and see which horse chooses you!   Learn more!    ​